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  Contributors   Kimberly Alidio’s recent books are why letter ellipses (selva oscura), : once teeth bones coral : (Belladonna*), and a cell of falls (Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs). Recent poems are in The Tiny and Baest, and forthcoming in Pleiades, and Sinister Wisdom. Her prose on poetics and history appears in Harriet, Woodland […]

Gut Gravity

  Gut Gravity Yesenia Montilla For Chadwick, & My Abuelitos   Proverbs are weaved from reality This is to say that when little my mom used to threaten us kids with an ass-kicking that not even Pupo could fix & no one knew this Pupo, he resided some where between our imagination & our hopefulness […]

In Response to Feeling Alone

  In Response to Feeling Alone t. liem Doubtless our lives are solitary but also the inverse. –Jenny Xie   Everything’s been known before us OK. The clouds  disappear the sky sometimes; or they become it. When we stood on Seminyak beach like a pair of exclamation points,  we heard the same offing tone heard […]


  TWENTY-FOUR KARAT Karen Gu   She doesn’t know it yet in the waiting room, but her stomach is bleeding, its structure compromised. This beautiful country ate a hole in it with its heavy, bland food, tongue-twisting words, its cold distance. The doctor tells her it’s an ulcer, asks if she is under any stress. […]

until the meteor makes a shadow over home

.scrolling-wrapper { overflow-x: scroll; overflow-y: hidden;}   until the meteor makes a shadow over home Mihee Kim   I. a lonely bird asked me if it’s over is it over. is it over will   the   seat   of   our  betrayals   rise   up   and  punch   us? uppercut, jab,  loosen  the  bowels  of  our  anger  into  poem will […]

Twelve Chinese Confessions, 1963

  Twelve Chinese Confessions, 1963 Jade Cho For Hong Sing Yee 曹雄茂   〇 The story was clean. He was the son of his uncle. His uncle was a citizen. He   knew   every   neighbor,   pebble, rooster   in   the   village   that  wasn’t his. 〇 To prove yourself, the lie must be clean. To the bone, as if […]

The Dancer

  The Dancer Maryam Kazeem   Still from The Broom (2019), Maryam Kazeem I’m holding on to a burly broom made of kanekalon hair. Brown braids, blue braids, orange dreads, classic black braids, and red twists are woven together in what can only be described as a strange monstrosity. I’m waiting in the parking lot […]