They’ll Ask You Where It Hurts the Most

  They’ll Ask You Where It Hurts the Most Kwame Opoku-Duku   Blessed be the bitterness at your core, that quiet light growing quieter still, like the dull moan that escapes your lips while you dream. They’ll ask you, child, what you know of suffering. They’ll ask you where it hurts the most, when the […]

Biology Class

  Biology Class Venita Blackburn Buy the Bone We didn’t even know Ms. Lancaster owned all those animals until somebody broke into her house and got pics: cages lined with shit, torn-out fur and blood everywhere, all over the floors, inches thick, so you couldn’t walk in it without making a sucking sound every time […]

the seedling wife

  the seedling wife ire’ne lara silva   Claudia I was fifteen the first time I felt death. I had no language for it. It was an echo, a tremor in my bones. They said cancer, and I thought I would die. But it wasn’t my death I felt approaching. All those nights I slept […]

etymologies of water

  etymologies of water Ica Sadagat   As if to say that I can know it all. My bones are liquid with ghosts at sea. As if to say to mourn is to re-memory. Before one remembers, one forgets. Recalling you has been nothing but a re-death. There were rivers: a typically freshwater watercourse that […]

Home is Nowhere

  Home is Nowhere Sasha Bonét   To find one has to lose, one finds only by losing…To find is also to lose the self. While advancing, I am playing to find while losing. A thousand poets promise that if we lose ourselves — and we must — there always remains the path. The path […]

1 Poem From “That I Want”

  1 Poem From “That I Want” Ava Hofmann     The poem is a phrase with all of its words crossed out. The words beneath the cross-outs are still readable, but there are new words written next to the old, replacing them. Some of these new, revised words are themselves crossed out and replaced—and […]


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  Contributors   Shay Alexi (they/she) is a poet and performance artist based out of Atlanta, GA. They are the author of Diary of a Ghost Girl (Glass Poetry Press), and their work has appeared in The Rumpus, PANK, and Homology Lit, amongst others. Sana Badri is an educator and portrait and documentary photographer from […]

Lessons in Prosody

Lessons in Prosody Michelle Phuong Ho   1.       under the lexical stress of a single, say, syllable say bomb say tons amassed utter: chaos. dropped or pummeled dirt pounds. to reiterate: defeat till final: this life’s end— poems know no sound to keep alive under seven million down wakeful nights: i wonder: […]