Letter from the Editor

  Letter from the Editor   Dear Reader, I’ve had a thought as this issue has begun taking shape over the past few months that I’ve held myself back from saying. I didn’t want to seem reductive, or to insult any of our current or former contributors or staff members and, probably more so than […]


Acknowledgements We would like to thank everyone who donated privately through Fractured Atlas and at our 2014 benefit with the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts for helping us fund our work on Issue Four. In particular we’d like to thank: Robert Watson, Laura Jean Moore, Morgan and Karole Larsson, and Grant Bergland for their […]


  Contributors   niv Acosta is a dance artist, educator, black Dominican, transexual, queer, and native New Yorker. He attended the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance (New York City), American Dance Festival (Duke University) and CalArts (Dance BFA). In 2010 niv received an Art and Social Change Grant from The Leeway Foundation with which he […]

Epilogue by Julia Guez

  Epilogue Julia Guez   A cistern full of asters, notes from the split–risk ward above the lindens tops of poplars wave in the long light, an agitation of birds. What they fever after, I have fevered after— in tight swaths—circling the only one who makes all the seasons more beautiful than they really are. […]

Grant Worth

  Featured Artist: Grant Worth   Hele, Wikiwiki (2013). Polaroid Type 600 Print, 4.5″ x 3.5″   Laelaps and the Fox (2009). Polaroid Type 600 Print, 4.5″ x 3.5″   Leo and Four Angels (2010). Digitally Obscured Polaroid Type 600 Print , 4.5″ x 3.5″   Cesium of the Sea (2013). Polaroid Type 600 Print, […]

Not the pine nuts by Victoria McArtor

  Not the pine nuts By Victoria McArtor We are supposed to think there’s an imaginary motorcycle and we are supposed to be in this position as if we are riding the motorcycle… You are bound to fall forward. Everybody in the detention centre goes through this kind of torture. — Kim Kwang-il   Think […]

Poems by Ladan Osman

  Two Poems By Ladan Osman   That Which Scatters and Breaks Apart Everywhere they turn, the walls ask, why, why not. From every space someone calls a question and there echoes so many answers, it’s impossible to hear. Save me, he calls. Open me, she calls. Divorce me. Their despair is a bird in an abandoned nest, its […]

Mollie McKinley

  Featured Artist: Mollie McKinley   Dune Redux (2014). Glicée Print, 50″ x 40″   Black Sundae (2013). Gliceé Print, 50” x 40”   Rivershack Temple (The Sacrosanctum) (2012-2013). Gliceé Print, 40″ x 30″

The City Is In My Chest by Hisham Bustani

  The City Is In My Chest By Hisham Bustani Translated from the Arabic by Thoraya El-Rayyes Algiers It’s no wonder the city looks exhausted. It is besieged by history, and history besieges you within it like a foot stamping down on your lungs, everywhere and from every direction. As if it is heavy water—you […]

Sea Psalm

  Sea Psalm By Becca Liu   Where evening meets a shell-shocked lover is a distortion of light on water. The shell-mottled sidelines are a construct of winter, contouring a melody nestled in return. We hear the clip of persistence, pearly presence of this gargling world. Gulls plummet in circles and low clouds swagger in. […]