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  Contributors   Bahaar Ahsan is a writer, artist, and student of Persian language and literature, based in the Bay Area, with roots in the south of Iran. Grappling with ideas of memory, (dis)embodiment, fabulation, and mourning, Bahaar’s work aims to interrogate ontologies that separate the ideological from the somatic, the aural from the visual, […]

Letter from the Editor

  Letter from the Editor   Dear Reader, Amidst global retreats into nationalist dystopias, we’re forced to question meanings of borders, citizenship, residencies, and the prices paid to maintain ideologies and imaginings of fixed community. Issue 11 contributor Jehan Roberson reveals the costs of a nationalism that deprives even its citizens who sacrifice most for […]

Mother’s Mother’s Mother

  Mother’s Mother’s Mother Lia Clay   I am proceeded by the women in my family and have been given notes of my identity as a woman from them. We are pieces of our mother’s mother’s mother. I am aware that these images are probably the last I will take of my grandmother. My great […]

Two Poems by Lauren Camp

  Two Poems Lauren Camp   To Count All the Prayers of Earth   The map of light moves above our home: coyote bark, red-densing sumac, long lateral air. I only need to contain the near. Though every ocher hovers beside me, I still creep through on my knees and see farther miniature losses: my […]

mountainsong vii

  mountainsong vii RBrown   i hold the mountain very deep inside myself   ^^ i swallowed the mountain whole and held it inside myself i take all my precious things and hold them inside me in my warm    wet the bowels of the mountain are the deepest darkest dampest place this is the place […]


  mud shebana coelho   The rain comes like it belongs only to me. My grandmother loves the sound of it on the metal paint cans that she has filled with mud from the garden, mud that I lifted in my own muthi, my palm, like that song we sang in school from that old […]

Excerpts from Quantum Negress Tantras, A Grimoire For Liberation

  Excerpts from Quantum Negress Tantras,A Grimoire For Liberation Moonbones Evolutionary   3:    Select and determine the use of astral weaponry—mine is a machete to castrate the devil who pisses on the throne of heaven’s earth become so full of love that everything wrap around a mouth identifies justice god the lying/thieving/raping/kidnapping/torturing/lynching/colonizing/greed-inseminating/genociding/ plague-darting/holocaust-devising mother […]

palimpsestic pussy (a reflection in two movements)

  palimpsestic pussy (a reflection in two movements) Bahaar Ahsan   I. cum stains on a safavieh rug a tgirl on a 17th-century vase from herat bodies         without nations          nations without          bodies gender           without she spends her nights in […]