Issue 14

  Table of Contents LETTER FROM THE EDITOR POETRY Urvi Kumbhat, far away from home I am hungry Chia-Lun Chang, After the Prolonged Tide in the Dusk Rosie Stockton, I WORK Alice Liang, Trade Wars Alexis Aceves Garcia, I’M TIRED OF WORKING FOR ECCENTRIC WHITE MEN Suzanne Highland, Survey t. tran le, the wood is […]


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  Contributors   Adrianne Bonilla Stankus is a graduate of Columbia’s School of the Arts. In her second year, she received the Henfield Prize for the opening pages of her novel, Astral Cemetery. Astral Cemetery is an anti-sentimental exploration of girlhood, death, poetry, Latin American identity, and soccer. Her work can be found in Tin […]

the wood is already swollen

  the wood is already swollen t. tran le   window frame sticking to the storm blooming through it & a sky widens its wet mouth. Birdie swallows a yawn that tumbles  back over her tongue. the whole world languid in the molasses of early evening. Birdie & I are wary of this summer shower  […]

sleep theorem

  sleep theorem xtian w   Sleep is locational. Rest—a condition not exclusive thereof. i was dreaming while you were— everyone here     alike     deep colonial sleep      suburban come slumber      linoleum     phylum things that fit    stilettos click marble    procession to temple     shopping mall     Penny’s Sears […]


  Survey Suzanne Highland   What is your nature? An endurance. Has it always been your nature? Yes, in that I’ve never been able to separate it from plastic in the ocean. Describe your nature without using words like masculine or feminine.     How does your nature impact your experience of humanity? All day […]

New Medicine

  New Medicine Seema Yasmin   It was a quick procedure. Quick enough for the men to fit it into a lunch break or the gap between a ten o’clock meeting and a gym session. Nazneen would usher the men, one at a time, into her office from the waiting room with its television screen […]