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  Contributors Joshua Aiken is a poet and black studies scholar. He is a Cave Canem Fellow and winner of the Martin Starkie Prize. His poetry can be found, or is forthcoming, in publications including Assaracus, BOAAT, Copper Nickel, Green Mountains Review, Sixth Finch, The Indianapolis Review, Muzzle, and Pleiades Magazine. Joshua holds graduate degrees […]

Angalis Field

Angalis Field Angalis Field, Frances, 2022, C prints, 8×11 inches.   Angalis Field, Prophet, 2022, C prints, 8×11 inches.

Shawanda Corbett

Shawanda Corbett Shawanda Corbett, What Day Is It (From: “Late Night Rehearsal”), 2022, Glazed stoneware, 46.5 x 17 cm, 18.3 x 6.7 inches, SCo22-06, Courtesy the Artist and Corvi-Mora, London. Photo: Marcus Leith. Shawanda Corbett, Tell Me a Story (From: “Late Night Rehearsal”), 2022, Glazed stoneware, 50 x 18 cm, 19.7 x 7.1 inches, SCo22-02, […]

Justin Chance

Justin Chance Justin Chance, Past Due, 2022, Quilted wet and needle felted wool, silk, cotton, dye, 41h x 68w inches.   Justin Chance, SS, 2020-2021, Quilted wet and needle felted wool, silk, cotton, 82 x 49 inches.

When the Body is No Longer a Mission

  When the Body is No Longer a Mission Zoë Fay-Stindt Content warning: sexual assault, date rape, medical procedures.    I I try to change the word so that it sits light on the tongue. Smooth out the bristles. I do it over and over again, so we can both be more comfortable in our […]

Romance, Novelist

  Romance, Novelist Teresa Milbrodt   The fellowship hall of the Unitarian church smells like aftershave. When Mike spends all day in his garage studio, sometimes he goes overboard with cleanup before he comes to the artist collective’s meetings. The odor gives me a headache, so I busy myself making a fresh pot of coffee […]

Devrim The Communist

  Devrim The Communist Ali A. Ünal   Distracted by the approaching footsteps, the captains halted their reckoning and looked up. We all turned to the gravel path. A lanky boy, his hands in his pockets, was walking toward us. He didn’t seem to be bothered by the intense surveillance. He stopped just outside our […]

Harrisburg Station

  Harrisburg Station Alejandro Heredia   As soon as I arrive at Harrisburg Station, I am untethered from the present and tunneled into some distant past. The high ceilings, the columns, the wooden benches and door frames—all of it harks back to a decade I’m not familiar with.  Vintage, I whisper as I push the […]

Recreational Dissociation

  Recreational Dissociation Phoebe Oathout   Senior year, I moved into an old house paid for with the money my best friend made dealing. The unit was small, a single story, with package-taped windows and exposed pipe in the kitchen ceiling. The backyard looked out on a rift in the earth as long and deep […]