Table of Contents



Demetrius “Meech” A. Buckley, Juxtaposition
Adamu Chan, Outside / Inside Power
Olethus Hill Jr., Laugh to Keep from Crying
Ryan M. Moser, The Art of Having Nothing
Rahsaan “New York” Thomas, It’s Justice Time
Felix V. Sitthivong, Letter to Dad
A. Raheem Ballard, When Feeding the Birds is a Crime
Ivan Skrblinski, Zelda Metzger


Wesley Williams, the box
Kunlyna Tauch, Don’t Judge Me
Andrea Terry, Trapped
Chana L. Woods, First Love
Demetrius “Meech” A. Buckley, Apology Hour with the Sweet Hotel
James Terry II, Spic and Span
Kevin D. Sawyer, Providence Sees Me
Maurice Reed, Next Time
Jason S. Harmon, A Carceral Sun’s Warmth
Tony deTrinidad, Invacuation-19
Torrey R. Thomas II, My Black Conscience
April Harris, Two Poems
Traci Jackson, Happy Valentine to Me
A. Kevin Valvardi, Sadness
A. Raheem Ballard, Highs and Lows
Jesse Ayers, Worry & Doubt
Yves Marc-Antoine Rosemond, Two Poems


Rev. M. Seishin Cádiz, Deliberate Indifference
Corey Devon Arthur, Cave Drawing
Mark Stanley-Bey, Ancestor’s World
Orlando Smith
Perspective: Inherently Unjust
The Grueling Report: Superficial Amenities
Perspective: Depraved Indifference
Kevin Cooper
It’s a Generation Thing in America: Past, Present, Future?
Women on Death Row: Equality My Ass
Tony DeTrinidad and Sascha Cruse, Untitled
Lamavis Comundoiwilla, 2042
Ronald “Gabe” Gabriel, It Just Walked In
Ras Enoch Allen, The Janssen Files: It’s a Set Up – featured on current page


Visual Art: Ras Enoch Allen, The Janssen Files: It’s a Set Up. Cardboard, paste, newspaper, magazine, jail issue fabric; made in 7 West Housing Unit, Maximum Security, Epod, Cell #6, 3/28/21.

“With the medium I used I want the viewer to make their own opinion about the message. The truth about law enforcement has been broadcasted in many forms through the media. May we stand together for what is right. #INMATELIVESMATTER!”