Happy Valentine to Me

Traci Jackson


Today, for some, is the day of romantic energy. For some it’s about being in love. For me, today is for reflection.

So many people don’t have the privilege of being with the ones they love.

Love is taking on a new meaning for me. Love is bringing a smile to a total stranger, or reconnecting with humanity. I hope Cupid recognizes his new job. Substituting chocolate with a mask. The world is struggling to stand. Overrun with chaos.

I asked someone today “what is your Valentine wish?” The response “I wish that people would be better.” Needless to say, but that brought me to tears. No longer are we asking for gifts. We’re asking for safety. We’re asking for unity. Give us Love. We’re losing loved ones to Covid. My friend has lost Her Mother to this virus. So we’re asking for each other.

Happy Valentine to me.