Worry & Doubt

Jesse Ayers


I worry sometimes about you and me
I doubt that I will never be free

I worry about all those boys and your smile
I doubt I will be out for a while

I worry about your relationship with him
I doubt you’re alone at night to my chagrin

I worry you’ll have his name in your mouth
I doubt we’ll be together when I get out

I worry about you cheating with guys
I doubt it will come as a big surprise

I worry you’ll get hooked on someone else
I doubt I’ll put our love on a shelf

I worry you’ll have sex when you can
I doubt you’re holding on to this man

I worry that someone else will know
I doubt that our love will ever grow

I worry that you and I will never be
I doubt you’re the only woman I will ever see

I worry that you and our baby won’t make it
I doubt I would be able to take it

I worry that I wasted my entire life
I doubt you won’t ever really be my wife