Two Poems

Yves Marc-Antoine Rosemond


Hidden in Plain Sight

Sometimes I follow
Sometimes I lead
But I don’t like following
those that that can’t lead

Most times I’m humble
And a little too plain
Until you turn me up
Dissing my pain
Think it’s arrogant of me
Not giving a damn again

Oh father forgive me
For not knowing the trouble
Trespassing will get

It crushed my pride
Opened my heart
left me nowhere to hide
but love and love
and love


Again & Again

My soul will never be at peace
With losing you
Oh there someone else occupies my space
With you
Other there it can’t be as intense
As me and you
For there
Are millions of hims and yous
In here however,
Our passionate longing for better
Breached two worlds to transform our lives
Into a novel come true
Only you
Came crashing through
These gates of despair
Destroying yourself
To make us a pair
Packaging whispers
Caressing my ear
With liberating “I love yous”
Decorating the dense atmosphere

As well as
Destroying our temporal fabric
Our space continuum hue

Only you
Honed in all your heartfelt passions into a key
Opening an unconditional truth for me

When a mate shares with you
Something felt
So unbelievably unique
Don’t question its validity
Lest you lose it
And it’s back to black hole in your life again
Never to experience only its residue again
and again
Wondering about this pain
More pronounced than the remembrance
Again and again