Next Time

Maurice Reed


Invisible Killer, thrive inside
Industrial prison Complex.
2020 is a blur friends die
Weak Immune Systems fight.
Incarcerated men treatment as
rocks in tread of superior shoes.
cries for respect ignored 24 hours
caged behind doors 24 bleeds into
48, 192 hours still no shower
All hope lost in this place. Every
man for himself, man clown, COs delayed
Response, frighten eyes search for help
Corona, dictator, commander, Chief
isolated from the world yet deliberately
infected, cold breakfast, lunch, dinner
battered, busted, beaten spirits.
Nobody held accountable, 28 lives lost
28 counts of manslaughter, resilient blue shirts
refuse sweet taste of defeat. Defiant
Yes we look out for ourselves, every face, color and
creed of man join hands and rise
from the death that didn’t kill us
we rise, we rise, we rise, we will rise
once more