Mother’s Mother’s Mother

Lia Clay


I am proceeded by the women in my family and have been given notes of my identity as a woman from them. We are pieces of our mother’s mother’s mother. I am aware that these images are probably the last I will take of my grandmother. My great grandmother wore cut up tee shirts as headbands when she worked on the farm. I’ve been told I looked like my mother my entire life. I’ve been told that I look like my mother even when I was seen as a boy, and mocked for my femininity. I didn’t realize it then, but my femininity was my power. It just took it’s time to grow. For the longest time, I didn’t know how to photograph something as important as the women in my family. There wasn’t a way to photograph it that mattered enough. I don’t think a photograph will ever equate to our lived experiences, but these are the women who made me into the woman I am. Maybe in the future, another young trans girl will look at these images, and feel compelled to photograph her mother, her mother’s mother, maybe even her mother’s mother’s mother.