DeShara Suggs-Joe – Two Poems

.scrolling-wrapper { overflow-x: scroll; overflow-y: hidden; white-space: nowrap;}   Two Poems DeShara Suggs-Joe   The Strength of U after Aracelis Girmay   You are: homeless. bound to the thought of freedom. no grasp dragging your right hand across the ink. Messy quiet the combination of enough and not quite. making shadowslights out. ask for the […]

Kiki is Falling Down the Stairs

  Kiki is Falling Down the Stairs Timothy Moore   Observe: Kiki is pushed down the stairs. She breaks her right arm in one place, two, three, a trilogy of injury. The three is a sign, the three is proof. It’s like Kiki’s prayer has taken physical form. When beginning prayer, one chants Nam-myoho-renge-kyo three […]


  thots (pluralized acronym for ‘that hoe ovah there’) blkcowrie ?   us envied sonnets ? tame the navel ? run me worn ? oh ? gee ? pop   disrobed belize jinn slurs ? meet us bone even ? lap cum solo sad as voodoo lint he encodes me scab valve ? the analogy […]

Kimberly Alidio – Two Poems

  Two Poems Kimberly Alidio   pangasinan chora with Ina & Miggy, Vilmarey Chan Vengua, Monica Sandra Ronda, the TVMO Channel, Fred Moten, John Melillo, and Kyle Dacuyan   in a plain ponytail and no make-up we roll r’s deep as the ground /taga/ /inerrrrrrrrr/ earthbound on its axis de-turning or de-tuning undertone undersound arrive […]

Major Arcana XIII: Kamatayan Was Exactly Correct

  Major Arcana XIII: Kamatayan Was Exactly Correct Hari Alluri After Amina Saïd / After Jennifer May Maramba, Jana Lynne Umipig, & Verma Soraya Zapanta   My lola’s chewing is marvelously toothless. Adobo shines her gums, she cracks the bones for the marrow’s extra salt. Trace the letters, she never says, the language of salt. […]

Yellow Girls & The Deafening Silence

  Yellow Girls & The Deafening Silence Suiyi Tang   For someone who needed to scream but had no mouth, Wendy was awfully bad at writing about herself. Speechlessness—it was the defining condition of yellow girlhood, and it was agonizing. She was too messed up to be a reliable narrator, but she found herself writing […]

Bryan Byrdlong – Two Poems

.scrolling-wrapper {overflow-x: scroll;overflow-y: hidden;white-space: nowrap;}   Two Poems Bryan Byrdlong   White Zombie after the 1933 film White Zombie starring Bela Lugosi you do not stop at tree limbs creeping into cinereal, palm roots in the path of darkness. you drive into the midst of Black people burying their loved one in the middle of […]


  Hometraining Aisha West   Dolores’s daughter hollers in the backseat, pretty much the only reason she opens her mouth these days. Barely to talk, not to eat, not to drink. She was always a big girl, and this is the first time in her 7-year-old life that she’s losing weight. It’s been five days […]