APOGEE ISSUE 06 PREVIEW: Xaviera Simmons



Leading up to Apogee Issue 06’s release, we want to treat you to a sneak preview of visual art we feature in our latest issue. Today, we’re starting at the beginning: Issue 06’s cover, “On Sculpture,” by Xaviera Simmons. Stay tuned for more.




On Sculpture, 2011

Color Photograph

40×50 inches

Courtesy of The Artist and David Castillo Gallery


XAVIERA SIMMONS’S body of work spans photography, performance, video, sound, sculpture, and installation. She defines her studio practice as rooted in ongoing investigation of experience, memory, abstraction, present and future histories, specifically concentrating on shifting notions surrounding landscape, character development, and formal processes. Simmons is committed equally to the examination of different artistic modes and processes, dedicating part of a year to photography, another part to performance, and other parts to installation, video, and sound works, thereby keeping her practice in constant and consistent rotation, shift, and engagement. 

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