The Language of Medicine: An Interview with Chaya Bhuvaneswar

I met Chaya Bhuvaneswar on Twitter where she tirelessly champions other writers, especially women of color. I felt cheered by her enthusiasm and I looked forward to the publication of her debut story collection, White Dancing Elephants, which was selected as the winning manuscript in the 2018 Dzanc Prize for Fiction. Then I read her book, and became a fan. Chaya’s stories are dark, weird, often funny, the characters and lifestyles acutely observed, her language sharp as an arrow. Take this description of a mother and father given by the couple’s artistic and mentally disabled adult son who narrates the story, “Jagatishwaran”: Mother used to come at night, years ago, before I put up the screens, to ask how I was, but now she’s afraid. Once I pushed him hard, not her, never her, and I felt disgust at his shriveled skin, his nasal voice, always skeptical, his tiny well-read eyes like an elephant’s, nearly blind but remembering everything.

Apogee Issue 11 is here.

Dear Apogee Fam, For those of you who have been following us this past year, we’ve gone through some major transitions as a journal—including transitioning from print to digital issues. We made this decision to make Apogee more accessible to a wider range of readers. With web accessibility, we remain dedicated to bringing you voices that challenge the white cishetero patriarchal structure of mainstream publishing. As an entirely volunteer-based operation, we are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of our work while also ensuring that we can pay contributors. We rely on readers to support this effort. As reading and contest fees raise the barriers for entry, we want to imagine new ways of cultivating community support and the longevity of our readership. This is why we have decided to start using a monthly subscription feature for our new digital issues. This monthly subscription will help us raise consistent funds to pay our contributors, which is our top priority. We ask you to become a member and subscriber where you get access to content fitting your level of engagement with Apogee Journal, while helping us put our mission into practice. Apogee Issue 11 features work by Bahaar Ahsan, Rbrown, Lauren Camp,...
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