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We are open for reviews and interviews!

Apogee is seeking contributors of book reviews and interviews with writers of poetry, prose, and hybrid forms. We believe that through recognition and thoughtful criticism, we contribute momentum and staying power to the writing we want to see in the world.

Pitching book reviews

If you’re interested in pitching a book review for us, please fill out this form. You may also submit a complete draft of your review to along with your bio and the publication information of the book (title, author, publisher, and ISBN). In keeping with Apogee’s mission, we prioritize reviews of books written by authors writing from positions underrepresented in publishing. While we aim chiefly to promote recent and upcoming work (i.e., books published within six months of the review), we will also consider reviews that make a strong case for overlooked publications within the last two years.

Pitching interviews

If you’d like to pitch an author interview, please fill out this form. Alternatively, you can email with a few sentences detailing: the impetus for the interview (e.g., the interviewee has a forthcoming publication or marked an important artistic milestone); your relation, if any, to the interviewee; and the planned format of your interview. 

What we’re looking for

We seek reviews and interviews that probe at least some of these questions: What makes this book work, and what makes it shine? What does it attempt to say, and what does it leave unsaid? What other writers, artists, traditions, and disciplines is this author in conversation with, and how does their work engage issues of identity in new or important ways? We practice active editing, and we will work with you to shape your review or interview into its best possible form while staying true to your intentions and voice as a writer.

Reviews and Interviews should be pitched at least six weeks ahead of your ideal publication date. Published reviews should be roughly 1000-1200 words; interviews should total about 1500 words. Reviewers and interviewers are paid an honorarium of $95 per piece. 

We will respond to your query within three months.


We’re currently closed for flash submissions.