We’re an all-volunteer staff. We promote necessary diversity in the arts to amplify marginalized voices. Please help make our work sustainable.

Support Level Description
Friend Your $20 gift will go towards the little things that allow us to operate smoothly — like postage to mail  issues of Apogee!

Supporter Your gift of $50 will go towards important operations, like keeping our website running!

Fam Your $100 gift will get you acknowledgment on our website, and will go towards paying Apogee writers and artists for their work!

Sustainer Your gift of $200 will earn you an acknowledgment on our website, and a copy of our most recent print issue, and will go towards sustaining our workshops and community events.

Benefactor Your $500 gift* or more will get you an acknowledgment on our website, and copies of all available print issues, and will go towards stipends for projects like archiving all past Apogee work. Donate at Fractured Atlas                   

* Donations over $250 must be made through Fractured Atlas in order to be tax-deductible. Other donation amounts can also be made through Fractured Atlas.

Thank you to our existing Apogee donors, continue to make our work possible:


Laura Peer

Vanessa Walker



Nico Juarez

Alejandro Varela

Serin Seckin



Soraya Shalforoosh

Keith Keenan

Eve Leeman

Lynn Clark



Simone White

Rachel Eliza Griffiths

Victory Matsui

Kimberly Drew

Mali Collins

Tyrone Hayes

Robert Whitehead

Marie Myung-Ok Lee



Barbara Tischler

Jennifer Tamayo

Jennie Gruber

Liesel Allen-Yeager

Marci Cancio-Bello

Jason Cho

Devin Maroney

Jessica Lyons

Bel Poblador

Soyini Forde

Sylvia Morse

Alan Ziegler

Jillian Buckley

David Deblase

Leslie Dievendorf

David Mura

Peter Wheelwright

Stephen O’Connor

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