“Shamelessly Lyrical and Ecstatic”: An Interview with Kemi Alabi

"I'm always playing with sound, trying to find the line, and letting language lead me somewhere. I'm satisfied with what I've found when the real shit pops up, and that's what I can revise toward. Black feminist writers taught me the urgency, political potency, and transformative power of truth-telling, and the only truth I'm interested in is accessed through vulnerability—I'm skeptical of its other origins."

“The Beauty Is Where the Play Is”: A Conversation with Paige Clark on “She is Haunted”

Many of Clark’s protagonists are mixed-race Asian women who grapple with how their heritage shapes their relationships with friends, family members, and lovers. More than a few of them are named Elisabeth (or variations thereof) and share overlapping histories and similar lexicons—as if they were parts of a single consciousness refracted across time and space.
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