Apogee Issue 15 features work by Kimberly Alidio, Hari Alluri, LaKela Brown, Dannielle Bowman, Bryan Byrdlong, Jade Cho, Chantal Feitosa, Jenna Gribbon, Karen Gu, Joselia Rebekah Hughes, Maryam Kazeem, Mihee Kim, t. liem, Ananda Lima, Kelly Taylor Mitchell, Yesenia Montilla, Timothy Moore, Chanell Stone, DeShara Suggs-Joe, Suiyi Tang, Mimi Tempestt, Chiffon Thomas, Aisha West, and Nicole Zhao.

This issue brims with feeling, thanks to contributions from an incredible range of artists and writers articulating necessary questions around intergenerational violence, assimilation and complicity, survival, and so much more. You’ll be galvanized by work that reminds us of what’s really at stake even in times as dire as these, work that dissects and disrupts form and dogma, work that reminds us of what we’ve lost, what we’ve earned.

As Fiction Co-Editor Miriam Kumaradoss-Hohauser writes in the letter from the editor, “We all have the right to celebrate whatever victories and moments of respite emerge amongst this dystopia and its struggles. After all, joy is not a commodity that we must barter for with suffering.”

Cover Art: Alpha Kappa Alpha by Dannielle Bowman

Here’s to every victim of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to every victim of the violences, both overt and subtle, that came before and continue through it. Here’s to abandoning what Suiyi Tang astutely describes in her essay “Yellow Girls & the Deafening Silence” as “the art of genuflection,” taught to us by those who try to keep us in submission. Here’s to bearing witness through our action and our art. Here’s to keeping our eyes open, to looking out for each other, to staying vigilant, to casting our gazes wide over past and present as we do all we can to build the future.

Now come on in, fellow survivor. This is still a world where too much is constantly taken from folks like us, but everything in these here pages? All of it is for you.

In solidarity, love, and resistance,
Apogee Journal

Featured Visual Art: Offerings 2 by Kelly Taylor Mitchell. 

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