Apogee Issue 05 launches TOMORROW, May 28th. Here is our 6th exclusive preview, from the brilliant Richard Hart.


Richard Hart Craving Miracles


Craving Miracles, 2012

Oil on panel

22.5 x 37 inches


RICHARD HART began exhibiting as a visual artist in 2009 after working for many years as a graphic designer and illustrator. Although his practice encompasses a diverse array of disciplines Hart thinks of painting as being at the core of his activities. His work is rooted in the experience of an outsider who has lived his life in Africa, and concerns itself with the spiritual landscape of Africa. It takes its cues from ritual, witchcraft and muti, as well as religious movements such as Shembe and the Zionist movement, weaving together factual and fictive narratives to speculate on an Africa that might be. Hart’s work has been exhibited in New York, London, Berlin, Stockholm, Cape Town and Durban.

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