APOGEE ISSUE 06 PREVIEW: Clemence Vazard



Today we are honored to feature artist Clemence Vazard’s “Escotade.”





Collage manuel sur documents originaux (Translation: Handmade collage on original paper)

21×30 centimeters, 2014


Since her adolescence, Clémence Vazard has been fascinated by paper. From the age of 12, she has been using walls, doors, and wallpaper as foundations for accumulated images as found in mainstream magazines, posters, stickers, and cards. Vazard received an M.A. in Arts and Culture Studies at the Sorbonne in Paris in 2009; thereafter she began working in various venues ranging from art galleries, to concert venues, to artist residencies and festivals, and beyond. These experiences have helped Vazard develop her creative practice and refine her artistic aesthetic. Amongst the many interrogations that Vazard nourishes, the most recurring and sensitive one is an exploration into the role of women in contemporary society, as depicted in pop culture and media.

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