How to Make a Demon

  How to Make a Demon Kuzhali Manickavel   Demons must only be made in the company of cousins. Do not try this with siblings, friends, classmates or acquaintances. Do not try this with Rajasekaran who is like your cousin, because that isn’t the same thing and you know it. For best results, use the […]

Fun Guy

  Fun Guy Alice Yang   The man Ma is having an affair with is the same one who feeds the cat whenever we’re on vacation. Ma is showing me photos from the plant science lab where she volunteers with him when he calls. Ma has put a pronunciation beside it (HER-bert) because even now, […]


  Fuckboys Charlie Sorrenson   We met on Tuesday evenings at the one queer bar in Costa Mesa. There were those among our number who would have preferred to meet at a normal bar, one that reflected their now-status as extremely straight men, but these members knew enough not to say this out loud. The […]


  Improvement Kyle Raymond Fitzpatrick   Looking at her childhood home was a pastime of hers, a way to fill the many blanks in her life. She always visited via Street View, finding herself on the map, inhabiting the little orange person-shaped guide, and wandering up and down her former street with the click of […]

Going Stealth

  GOING STEALTH Daphne DiFazio in Murdo, SD   I forget the masculine feeling: whalebones to wind turbines. Facts stir prairie carcasses, scents bare to the sun, circling the drains of South Dakota’s bus stations. The pheasant trims imagery with wings, turns ignorant with worms. I narrate a burial but my breath bends the shovel. […]

duffle recalls black pastoral

  duffle recalls black pastoral Harlem West   what do I do with this coy god’s touch or the exiled boy woven in me since 06′? in heat we’d play house with rosy form-fitting fluff and berry blush, our training bra packed with newport pistols til we seen how women tilt with a housing womb. […]


  Their/There Jeni Prater   Daddy Would Have Hit You More If Mama Wasn’t There woke us both restlessto scout Toys”R”Us be his choice Hot Wheels fast and perfect and been fewer joys than choosing movement over pink  knowing he wouldn’t tell.     home the glitterof mewas too soft.              […]

‘I work just 2 hours a day’

  ‘I work just 2 hours a day’: A 24-year-old who makes $8000 a month in passive income shares her best business advice Giovannai Rosa   sometimes i feel i’m going to die working in a store waiting for money to be meaningless i wanted to see ma own a house and not pay rent […]

because of

  because of Ilias Tsagas The poem is based on Shervin Hajipour’s song ‘Baraye’. Baraye is an Iranian word that translates in English as ‘because of’ or ‘for’ and the song’s lyrics comprise tweets written in Farsi. The tweets address the protests in Iran following Mahsa Amini’s death, who died in the custody of Iran’s […]

my overdue payments became horses

  my overdue payments became horses Aishvarya Arora A Bank Statement Erasure   IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THIS ACCOUNT—          PAYING INTEREST!   We will not   charge nrest next statement if you pay the New Balance Total in full by the horse. Due paid in full By the horse-due-date,.we will  begin charging      […]