Dear Apogee Fam,

Issue 16 is here. Featuring Tommy Kha, Golden, K-Ming Chang, Ashia Ajani, Malcolm Peacock, mai c. doan, Allana Clarke, Sydney Jin Choi, SA Smythe, Joe Hughes III, Spencer Williams, Elinam Agbo, Diana Veiga, Johanna Dong, Sreshtha Sen, Dujie Tahat, Dmitri Derodel, Xavier John Richardson, and Day Heisinger-Nixon, the poetry, prose, and visual art in this issue embody a chorus, welcoming and reminding you that beyond the daily devastation of news and politics and hurt is the stunning fact of our collective existence. In these works, gratitude becomes a practice, and there is always, always resistance.

As assistant editors Minahil Khan and Zavi Kang Engles write in their letter from the editor, “The following writers and artists refuse to look away from our collective moment—their clear-eyed gazes become a channel of survival, resilience, and hope.”

An image of man's face against a light blue background is shown on a puzzle, half-assembled on a wooden table.

Assembly (I) by Tommy Kha.

What might be waiting for us beyond the cascading catastrophes of the present moment? The future is still unwritten. In the following pages, we hope you find the beginnings of an answer, a chorus that we welcome you to join.

With love and resistance,
Apogee Journal

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