A Poem by Mick Powell

Mick Powell’s poem, “u be a fang // i be a body,” will be published in Apogee Journal Issue 09

i am thinking of fire forgiveness my mother (and fire)

Ma, didn’t you want / to know how / i mantra’d
my bullied mouth into water sound? how

(i got)

atlantic / atlantis / disappeared the raw red
and became a city of calendar? how i


the ghosts & the gods / turned my body / black
tourmaline? thumbed into the aloe plant


ate its nectar / to soften between my legs / to bury myself
in a casket of peach skin? didn’t you


to know how / i learned to braid hair / in the dark
or how i crawled open my jaw? how i imagined sage


between my teeth / imagined / all the earth’s
smoke ashing me into small? my soft spot


how i sabotaged / it / when it became
turquoised and rib-boned? brimmed with violent


Ma, didn’t you want / to know how / i ripped
all of the baby teeth from myself that night?

(i made him)

a raw red place / to put himself / instead of
down there, where all it did was


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