Issue 09

Summer 2017

This latest issue features poetry from Suzi F. Garcia, Sade LaNay, Ginger Ko, Dominique Salas, Emily Jungmin Yoon, Sean D. Henry-Smith, Wawa, 최 Lindsay, Olatunde Osinaike, Daniel Penny, Lucas de Lima, and El Roy Red; fiction from Víctor Manuel-Ramos, Dantiel W. Moniz, Deesha Philyaw, Mari Christmas, Phoebe Glick, and Chika Onyenezi; nonfiction from T. K. Dalton, Kathryn Anne Hindenlang, Rachel Charlene Lewis, tavonne carson, Angela Jackson, and r. erica doyle; visual art from Larry Achiampong, Sadie Barnette, Clotilde Jiménez, Elise R. Peterson, Ernest Russell AKA “DIGITALMAN”, Tschabalala Self, Jordan Casteel, Vieno James, Lawrence Lemaoana, and Leopanar Witlarge; and an interview with Zinzi Clemmons. Being seen—or not—becomes a necessary politic to meditate on in an auto-play era that, via its broadcast, strips bodies of color of agency and makes the pain of marginalized people a theatrical erotic in their unconsenting visibility. Thus, what is said in these pages is as valuable as that which remains unspoken, and what is seen must guide us to think of who remains invisible within image-making, either by creative choice, or by social force beyond. Here lie words and images that are in some part encrypted. Coded, what you will find ahead is a peradam of sorts, revealing truth to those who seek it. That searching is what we expect of you, our reader: a commitment to stay woke in the face of fire, to see through the smoke, to sound the alarm. – From the Introduction to Issue 09, by Apogee Visual Arts editor Legacy Russell

Cover art: Larry Achiampong, The Last Immigrant Is In Captivity The Galaxy Is At Peace


Table of Contents
Letter from the Editor