Little Everywhere and Big Daddy’s Bad Ass Boots

“We meet again
which life is this
some say it’s hell
some say it’s bliss
some neither know
nor care to glimpse
what is temporal
and what is permanent.”

We meet again
which time is this
much has changed
but who still remembers it
ages come
ages vanish…..
my man drags his eyes from a past
where we lived on another planet
he almost explains
but saw we dug it
his wife laughs and asks
but what’s all that got to do with
sticking to our budget?!.”

We meet again
which world is this
talking to her belly she asks,
“what is your name?”
she blinks
in that instant
she lives
a thousand lives
when she opens her eyes
her child reminds,
“I am
what I
was unable to finish,
I will be
that web weaver
this world of
what is always


Writer’s Rites

to write until
every rite achieved
glows into every infinity
as not only something to be
but also as everything to be
as a means to destroy the ordinary
exemplify the extraordinary
defying the natural
being one with the supernatural
to exceed each and every nano fiber
of all and every limitation
and live to tell the tale
in unavoidable beautiful detail




Malik Ameer Crumpler is an experimental improvisational poet, rapper, writer, and producer who explores alternative literature, film and music for esoteric enthusiast.   Having grown up in Oakland, California during the height of experimental underground hip hop, Malik remains inspired by the fundamental principles of that period: Weird originality. Obsessed with ancient mythology, folktales and all forms of indigenous spiritual expressions Malik’s works are usually allegorical confessions of mythological and religious characters. He has released a multitude of albums, a book of poems entitled Amber Hymns, and also curates the quarterly arts review web journal He lives in Spanish Harlem, New York.  For more information check out

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