Dear Apogee Fam,

Issue 14 is here. Featuring work by K-Ming Chang, Clifford Prince King, Seema Yasmin, Alexis Aceves Garcia, t. tran le, Shamecca Harris, Mai Nardone, Troy Michie, Zora J. Murff, Tuesday Smillie, Urvi Kumbhat, Chia-Lun Chang, Rosie Stockton, Alice Liang, Suzanne Highland, S. Brook Corfman, xtian w, Claire Calderón, Adrianne Bonilla, Jane Wong, and Frances Nguyen, Apogee Issue 14 confronts white supremacy while rejecting its centrality and speaking beyond its gaze. As Alejandro Varela writes in the letter from the editor, “We, and the progenitors of we, have been saying all along that the house is on fire. That the ship is sinking. That the well is poisoned. That the emperor is naked. That the air is thick. That the doctor is ignoring us. That the levees are buckling. That there’s mold in the walls. ¡Qué el agua es nuestra, carajo!”

How many different ways can we say the same thing? We will continue challenging the conversation, listening to each other, and moving this along. There is much we can accomplish if we all move at once. United, organized, and building power, as we’ve always done, but faster. Our art is the fuel, the map, and the destination.

Rest in power, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Elijah McClain, David McAtee, Rayshard Brooks, Carlos Ingram Lopez, James García. We witnessed all of it.

Thank you for your fierceness, Lorena Borjas, Larry Kramer, Georgiana Glose, and Kimarlee Nguyen.

In solidarity,
Apogee Journal

Featured Visual Art: America is Woven of Many Threads by Troy Michie

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