Poetry by an. cinquepalmi


ursa any

t girl katamari kindles the missing beloved between
antimagic feathering fused to the cell
wall youknowwho’s ambiguously hollow power abyss
opelagic water rising vascular like woe commutative
brittle stars replenish me in vast light deprived ex
change cyclical resistance tone deaf & sleepy of
driving small talk for desiccate rearing purpose are we
over joy’s pussy compersion benzo orgy cute but
the meadow wasn’t meadow any more than
the return song was we’ll always find a way
in virtual compote demarcated harm kept
from being solvent sounded out or bubbled
bioluminesces barren spinster separation spelled it out & bled
anxious summoning to eat anise leaves it’s concentric bitches’
night at the fairy garden all worlds aching to be clear
together at rest in motion’s bed like yocheved & perl let me be



ursa any

yr aura’s lore &      beluga dial tone down low
i (place fire & desire &) submerge in
run on / carlin can you
believe we (cave) let rubberducking in
the toonworld come between me &
what broke & made every parting
wish slip into dedication?
whirlpool lone still send you all my listens
staunch like little edie grieving in miami
i cut the mask off even while it grows
right now’s always a terrible time to ghost
gay friends the summer-rending sky the gun
crises misdirect me toward    dead identity
i cool blue curl up in reverse dawn gong unsoothed w sleepy esp
spool the hurt from my old name w theirs & yrs    hard-as-opal    hungry quiet in the rainbows’ grooves

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