POETRY: Two Poems by Cristine Brache


safe words

Cristine Brache


i’d like to hear some safe words
satin blouse, string of pearls, neck brace
make more secure sounds, say a prayer, and really care
tell me to go stand in the corner
play the recorded sound of a dog panting from the beginning of july till the
end of august
between each dog’s pant i want to say
i am a beautiful piece of property
erect and etched in stone




tfw you can’t wear chanel to your own systematic humiliation


dramatization, waterbed city
sappho’s expression while you klonopin

you can cry as much as you want

or write down the dates you’ve felt scared

like a woman of good pedigree
or latinas in the dark




CRISTINE BRACHE is an artist and poet, she lives and works in London, England. You can find her online here: cristinebrache.info.







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