by JD Scott


[There is going to be a suit you will wear while you read this poem. Please make sure you say your own name aloud at each instance you put on this suit. This it vital. Saying your own name is a prerequisite for feeling validated. Please log into AOL at this time.]

WELCOME: in this
artificial garden
of regressed
desire which bird of
paradise will come
to life and squawk?


First comment! Such mouthiness! ENTER Spam Paradiso, mâché’d with the debris of language! Which herby tincture will gift the youth? Like totally “alkali earth metal” BBQ rib plunged into Eve not Adam&Steve / Such verbosity! / Sugary XXX / “A pseudo-intellectual twattiness for the 100% f’real patriot” / Which pixel of neon will pop as apple pie, fragma firework, which binary string will verify me? / Upload me / Check my code against yours / Youz youz youz / so 1% / so #1 / so 1.0 / so ephebophile and “50 States Baby Diary Lover” / Legs kicking in the air all BDSM slave:master ratio / handcuffs & super kawaii police brutality & haute couture death penalty / The millionvoice says, “Validate me.” / I am in a prehistoric Eden where the craggy walls display my thoughts in LED luminosity / They are ESP; all Times Square squeaky clean touristata crystal ball, y’all / They are especially scathing / So meanness / so me me me / Animated cave paintings elevate meme / The sexy Longinus spearing my side / Javelin like Viagra like Dylar like giant discount pharmacy spectra / Torso spaghetti / [hehe] / Copypasta of “I heard it on the Members-Only BBS.” ****** The internet says unbled veins are cobalt / The internet posts rumors in emoji of my bomb recipe Xanadu / Anarchist’s look book / A fashionable re-share of my cerulean chain letter / WYSIWYG or else your parents will pinball car-crash if 666 goo eyes don’t blink / This. / Dye my intestines blue with indigofera, my internal wool, recipe of sadness transcribed in cuneiform / Eau de colonialism & poisson rogue / A fishy trigger warning in the tank of #occupy / The millionvoice exclaims: data! Daturon! Drape me in poison / silica / gems :: arsenic / agate / ruby…OP is a faggot! Haha! O century! O self-referential horror vacui!Who will survive in America, is it me? Is it me standing on the street corner in the ▒▒▒▒▒▒ suit again?


I show my feet on webcam for golden tokens, and I’m validated / Spread your sheets for form 1040 / Black text screams “Leche! Glue! Béchamel!” and I’m validated / I excrete and liquid and smoothie at a really chic frame rate / Très “cumerella” / “prince cumming” / I go into the Sweet Teen Room & sit on a velvet pillow / I go into the Sweet Teen Room & shave a ✝ into my gilded muff / I insert an eel into my shadownet and orifice for bitty doubloons / So rapey avatar & [la-la-la] succubus username & [tehehe] incubus DM / I go into the spider dungeon below the stairs of polygon & the millionvoice says “You resemble Leo” & I lie down on an ironing board / Anonymous comments / Call me Brad, call me Tom, call me Zac, call me Ryan, call me Ashton / But I’m still wearing the ▒▒▒▒▒▒ suit with my back brace built of cryptocurrency…{NARRATION ALL LIKE SO AS A SCENE TUBE VIDEO STREAM OF: Gameshark causes disaster / a simulation of termination / the human race swallowed in a tidal pool of glitter}Did I unravel? Quick! Sweep the dead posts of affection! / Bury that GIF habit / Someone tattoo a banner ad on my ass and confirm me! / Pop up! / Fall as rosary as dramatic slow-mo gigahertz DayGlo® / R@ygold / silky road / Place your product on my skinny billboard, seduce me with a bayonet, chant U-S-A into my holes / The lyric “I” says, “please document my processes, my systems; make sure they meet pre-determined specifications and quality attributes.” / Woah ho, so silly XML / Seppuku of validation / or sudoku / diggity limitation / 1 thru 9 a 1-900 hotbreath dialtone /Boiled alive hotline in a vat of semen and [tee-hee] if you could, would transfer my credits to an educational phallus addressing a sailor with an engineered salute / So resolute / All social spirit medium decoding rebate eschatology….

[*cough*, in a meaningful way that garners attention from other users]

This is my country, my abacus hate machine, where (note ownership), to fulfill an intended purpose, I must give birth to the most retouched faces / A tub of pearls melted for wrinkleless / clitty time of desire / an antique Botox for the Xanax kissy forecast of trends / MICROBLOGGING PLATFORM PRIVILEGE / huff&glue news all like: “Embalm another Black minor” / “Dim the rainbow for another suicidenote.txt” / “Pull the stars&stripes broom handle out of another FTM cunt” / they persevere in the perversesphere / WHO WILL DEVOUR THE RICH? / Quasi-greymail & bejeweled helicopters gliding above forever water / So ageless / song of adorable genocide / Fountain of use / You have to go along with the glossy celeb stats; ink-jet print-out of your top 5 Hollywood haircuts / You who / Such loudness inside this tenderest listicle of lols so lel so lulz so lelele / Plug it in intravenously and wiretap my hemoglobin all bugged and so listen in encryption / spider-eyes record the secret cam above the toilet [hoo-hoo-hoo]…

**I move away from the mic to breathe in

I worry my terrorism will rat on my terrorism / I insomnia in a profanity of redwhite&blue / I vermin / I follow basic syntactic rules of race & sex & fuck / I tip my fedora and adore uh and uh insect and uh debug and uh comment / The millionvoice hesitates / Hashtag straight white male / Hashtag chemtrails / Hashtag m’lady / Hashtag orgonebox / Hashtag JewsDidNineEleven / Hashtag shockvalue / Hashtag misandry / A/S/L is this America, so AFK in America / Chat vista an index.html / rootdir of America / “MANIFEST DISNEY” (LOL) / “TRAIL OF QUEERS” (trolololol) / So basic ala “kill the poor” / yr scheme of feminista ole guarde / Ye antiquarica all daguerreotype & first wave Civil War re-enactment / Validate me, Confederacy / LIKE WHATEVER, ANTEBELLUM— *WINK WINK*…

Print a JPEG of tarot cards out & divine. Scatter cyber-runes & permit me this fate so CHMOD so chthonic so Cthulhu.mp3 & prepare your necropassword / abandon glass sanity/ so ceiling privacy / hunter2 confession to a deaf priest. I El Dorado’d in America / I Shangri-La’d in America. I laid out slacks and socks and a second living button-up and an opalescent noose on my bed and oops I put on the ▒▒▒▒▒▒ suit again and oops I graffiti’d a mirror site again and oops is this bareback so underage gonna make me real gonna ratify gonna hack “John Hancock” you know / so Gatsby green light go / so nod of approval dynamo dreams so form submitted so tramp-stamped so barely legal so okay and signed off so corporate endorsement milk mustache ‘merica


~*tHeY wAnT uS qUiEt BuT tHe RaGe Is ReAl*~


P1: What do you call a congregation of eagles?
P2: A convocation? An aerie?
P1: A patriarchy of eagles.
P2: LMAO. It’s the oldest joke in the book.


[Would you like to shut down your computer?]

Conclusion: a shattered go-ahead

  primo sanctuary of swindlin’

     pledge to OMG / fowl louse


           red rocket of home
         this America




A stomach for that sweet firmament
the dark frills, garnet
lips a nasty hook

to crave your doily self
lust is harpoon for

prettyboy in a cinnabar cheek
prettyboy hair slicked back for the plastic

mosaic of applause
for the pastel things
(let’s hear it for the dolls!)

what works? not intimidation,
nickel of flirt, tricky kiss
in the bathroom of the peacock bar

piss is not dollish, combat
boots also not for the porcelain painted

cheetah pant;
baby is never of any use. The boy
is lavish

which is also bad
a sad molly
escalator into the grassy earth

vine stains on a boy’s teddy

velvet pretty, like a boy

affirmative toy dividing

a round bottom!
Fill it. Love that
buttery ass, then

clean make-up off the boydoll
beard that boydoll

make him sporty and sweat urchin

A terminal shampoo

nucleus, spore, clever semen.

Which thing makes men men?

An onyx amalgam. Swampy curls

a spitman as spitpig

Breaking the tenor, strengthboy
foxglove gone

out the laceration of minerals

bowl outside sugarcane
no white glimmer

no testes powdered

or Chanel N°5

vesper of living sweets,

ruffles, blush heels
and unique treats

he is doll of leather

he is action figure

he is spinel trauma
wound as topaz,

speckled world a hard line.

Albumen oils
Epicene meeting

A replica of you
the lover.

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