in defense of art by Aimee Herman

By Aimee Herman

replace body with round of applause
slap deportation of immunized bones
draw map of grade nine depression
sloppy kiss cartographer for compass
brand benefactors & advertisements into forearms
non–narrate the spaces of gender
utilize humor when categorizing medicinal habits
call framework pre–Reconstruction
index teeth as artifacts due to lack of care
belly is a sanctuary of bent laws
how paradoxical is this panic
what border are your shoulders crossing
hybrid outcasts called lips
territories or terrorists
problematize the concept of veins
mixed–media thighs
decolonize wounds
what is the occupation of this anatomy
invent inventory for what is missing
does this morning breath perplex
what is the chosen medium
can this blood be a contribution gift
pulsate sweat into curved signature
[it may be possible to] alienate audience
enforce live ritual of dramatized history
curators will fill in gaps of forced memory
record visceral reaction onto comment cards
photograph face interrupting art
exercise risk through prohibited camera flash
embody theory of missed communications or
anthropologized dysfunction

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