Shal Nirvanus, "i 3 poems" (with video)

From “i 3 poems

by Shal Nirvanus


being in this world is…
if you ever feel like the extra person in the room
and try joining the conversation
it will be similar to saying “pound it”
without presenting your fist to anyone at all
they will be afraid to ask what you meant
were you responding to some shit somebody just said?
because you seemed pretty excited.
maybe they won’t know you said anything at all.


“car wash car wash i gcar wash i car wash” is what my little cousin was telling me
with a big emphasis on spinning
“i have a car wash in my pocket” he said and spun around until
he fell over.
he is really in love with his cat named Becks and
i am really in love with my cat named Jeans
and right now i want to quote Spectrum
so here i go, “my life spins round your every smile”
Becks, Jeans, Little Cousin, spinning cousin

Shal Nirvanus reads from “i 3 poems



Shal Nirvanus studied Art History at New York University. He is also a musician and video artist. Shal currently lives and works in Los Angeles. This is his first publication of poetry.

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