Issue 04 Is Here!

We are beyond thrilled to finally share Issue 04 of Apogee with the world! Apogee 04 is a fully interactive, free, online issue hosted on its own microsite. Issue 04 features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art by a diverse roster of writers and artists of color, international writers, LGBTQ writers, and a vibrant cross-section of voices intent on challenging the status quo. In the following weeks, we’ll also be sharing interviews and multimedia performances from Issue 04 contributors on Perigee, our blog. Follow our FaceBook Page, Twitter and Instagram feeds to stay up to date on these extras, and for all the latest news and events from us. Read, enjoy & share! ~AJ  

Shal Nirvanus, "i 3 poems" (with video)

From “i 3 poems” by Shal Nirvanus i. being in this world is… if you ever feel like the extra person in the room and try joining the conversation it will be similar to saying “pound it” without presenting your fist to anyone at all they will be afraid to ask what you meant were you responding to some shit somebody just said? because you seemed pretty excited. maybe they won’t know you said anything at all. ii. “car wash car wash i gcar wash i car wash” is what my little cousin was telling me with a big emphasis on spinning “i have a car wash in my pocket” he said and spun around until he fell over. he is really in love with his cat named Becks and i am really in love with my cat named Jeans and right now i want to quote Spectrum so here i go, “my life spins round your every smile” Becks, Jeans, Little Cousin, spinning cousin Shal Nirvanus reads from “i 3 poems”     Shal Nirvanus studied Art History at New York University. He is also a musician and video artist. Shal currently lives and works in Los Angeles. This...
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Renegade Writers: A Dialog with Hisham Bustani, Naomi Shihab Nye, Thoraya El-Rayyes

The following is a “round-email” discussion between Issue 4 contributors– Author Hisham Bustani and Arabic to English translator Thoraya El-Rayyes– with Poet Naomi Shihab Nye.  Their communication investigates experimental form, the commodification of art, and questions what literature can, and should, give to the world.  A special thanks to Apogee Staffer F. T. Kola who made this possible.   Featured Above: Trailer for “Another Nightmare Explodes”  A collaboration between Hisham Bustani and different musicians, sound and visual artists. Cecca: Dear Naomi, Thoraya, and Hisham, It is my pleasure to put the three of you in touch.  This is all a bit of an experiment. Thanks for being willing to give this a go.  I have a couple questions I’ll throw out to set this dialog in motion: I was really taken by Hisham’s form. “The City is in My Chest”  begins as a nonfiction narrative that slowly transforms into a work of fiction. It strikes me that in the US there is a lack of experimentation with form in prose.  I am interested to know more about the author’s stylistic choices. And, as you are all aware, in the US there is a near blackout of non-anglophonic literature. In your...
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