KT Pe Bonito

Huwag Matakot

colored pencil drawing of a beach sunset, moonrise, and the profile of a young person’s face. they have yellow-green-brown skin, no eyebrows, and blue hair in two braids. they look up at the moon with a calm expression, pointing to the moon with the appearance that they're balancing it on their finger. the sunset intersects with the person’s gaze, giving the illusion that the sun is a second eye or that the profile of the face is another horizon.

July 2020

a scribbly colored pencil drawing of a brown-skinned person with thick eyebrows and blue-black hair in a messy bun. they look directly at the viewer with an apathetic expression, pursed lips and eyes half-open. their head is slumped forward, resting their chin in their hand.



KT Pe Benito (they/them/siya) is an interdisciplinary artist, caregiver, and organizer navigating access and dismantling dominator culture. The arc of their practice is in service to Philippine revolutionary history, human rights activists, and arts & cultural workers. KT creates artwork themselves to sustain victim.survivor futurity, leaning into humor and impulse with their art to ground their existence & embrace ease. They are a collective member of Vox Populi Gallery and organize with ANAKBAYAN Philadelphia, an international grassroots org campaigning for National Democracy in the Philippines, and they lead as the city chapter’s 2022-23 Chairperson.