Mick Powell, u be a fang I be a body

we be real brutal
in the way
i let you eat me,
you know?

how you be all
beast and backseat,
all secret night noise
and d’angelo track

how you slob so heavy
with the fat lip when
i lean so spinal
with the licked-clean

how you turn
so werewolf and cannibal
while i flip
so wreck wild and tremble

how you go feed a famine
and high fade
all freshwater whitefish
and wet flour

how i crank a drenched machine
and meatless
all bone and muscle
and sweet and coming

how you be inside me
and coming
and i be beneath you
and coming

how you come to monster
the midnight from me
how you magic a tombstone
from my throat

how you brutal the alphabet
of my name real loud
how you furnace the flesh
of it between your teeth

how i finally get the metaphor
for rinsing it out
how i finally find the mouth
bones to do it