Doug Paul Case, pseudoarchaeology

This is a bourbon vanilla candle but I can only smell flame

Quit your job and tell me what day it is

Why don’t we get mail on Columbus Day

Why do we still have it at all

I am displeased with this utterance

I can’t think of anything else Bakhtin would say

Let us for once mention a thing without unpacking it

My favorite thing to pack is heat

Heat is a metaphor for penis

A queer poem is a queer poem is a way of knowing

My boyfriend is smarter than me

He’s writing a dissertation on fascination

He says queer doesn’t mean anything anymore

Too many people co-opting for heterosexual positions

Sometimes I think about my mailman’s positions

This is the most fanciful fancy there is

Politically he’s probably further right than anyone I talk to

Who doesn’t avoid arguments when they’re bad at them

Who doesn’t pretend he’s digging when he knows already what’s down there