Issue 10

In Issue 10, our theme is “Towards a more certain survival” in which we feature writing from Vanessa Angelica Villarreal, Joseph O. Legaspi, Paul Tran, Jon Lewis-Katz, Ben Miller, Mohja Kahf, and Amber Atiya as well as art by Victoria Sin, Derick Whitson, and many more.

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Table of Contents
Letter from the Editor


Jon Lewis-Katz, Bertram’s Commandments
Kate Schmier, Aunt Ethel’s Hat
George Kevin Jordan, Jesus in the Club
Ben Miller, Late Sonata

Visual Artists

Jenn Nkiru
Sam Vernon
Aria Dean
Chloë Bass
Lauren Machen
Derick Whitson
Jon-Sesrie Goff
Victoria Sin (cover artist)
Andreas Laszlo Konrath
Shantell Martin
Hamishi Farah


Amber Atiya, how to survive (for Black grrls)
Nicholas Powers, I Know Why the Caged Gun Sings
Mohja Kahf, I Cannot Go to Syria
Gioncarlo Valentine, A Life in Twos


Belal Mobarak, Mercury
Rami Karim, Narratology
Vanessa Angelica Villarreal, Assimilation Progress Report
from Beast Meridian

Paul Tran, Aubade with Agent Orange
Mick Powell, u be a fang I be a body
Rachel McKibbens, Kin
Avia Tadmor, 2 poems
Doug Paul Case, pseudoarchaeology
Joseph O. Legaspi, Fools
Rindon Johnson, 4 poems from Shade the King
Claire Marie Stancek, 2 fang vision spells
Grey Vild, Three Poems from The Gomorrah Poems