Issue 07

Summer 2016

Many of the pieces in Apogee Issue 07 deal with mourning: JP Howard’s powerful essay on losing her mother; Soraya Shalforoosh’s poem narrated on her late father’s birthday; and Fatimah Asghar’s poem, where the speaker asks about a young boy “executed in an alley way”—“Can we get him back?” Themes of childhood lost emerge in radhiyah ayobami’s essay on teenage motherhood, and in Hadeel Salameh’s short fiction, wherein she explores the trauma of human trafficking through a dreamscape. Loss permeates the imagination and memory as Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas writes in his lyric essay, “Memory is not any one person’s task, memory is something we build together. The reason for this is because memory is a burden.” Issue 07 is a home for these memories. We offer them to the community to hold with us, in hopes that our many hands will ease the weight.

Table of Contents


Manuel Arturo Abreu, 3 poems

Fatimah Asghar, 9 of Disks

Quenton Baker, Self-Portrait by Quenton Baker

Robert Balun, Ritual

Aaron Coleman, Elegy For Apogee

Shira Erlichman, Ode to Lithium #-18: Postscript to Mania

Marwa Helal, of ritual

Kamden Hilliard, SUGAR / SICK

Saretta Morgan, from Auto-Index

Jax NTP, 2 poems

Soraya Shalforoosh, You would have been seventy-seven today

Claire Schwartz, testimony, from the sidewalk beneath them

Nikki Wallschlaeger, This Body Keeps the Keys


radhiyah ayobami, what we volunteered for

Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas, Notes on Returning to San Francisco Twenty-Five Years Later

Naomi Extra, Blackgirl Pleasure Notes: Life, Sex, & ‘90s Black Cinema

JP Howard, Goodbye, Mama

Maura Pellettieri, Before I Began

Laura Villareal, Hastings Entertainment

Tana Wojczuk, God’s Body


Dennis Norris II, The Reverend

Michael Leal García, Clown Cars

Héctor Ramírez, Auténtico

Hadeel Salameh, REM Cycles

Chris L. Terry, I Got Into Punk After


Safia Jama, On Poetry, Film & the Black Imagination: An Interview with A. Van Jordan

Esmé-Michelle Watkins, Race, Writing, and the Mixed Experience: an Interview with Heidi Durrow

Visual Art

Jennifer Packer

Hank Willis Thomas

Zadie Xa

Firelei Báez (cover artist)

Tabita Rezaire

Phoebe Collings-James

Juliana Huxtable

Cat Frazier

Sondra Perry

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