Nadia Anjuman, The Sun of Knowledge

translated by Diana Arterian


The lips gallop from muteness
The body gallops from grief’s clothes
Let’s avoid our silence
Let’s raze the realm of grief
Let’s don clothes woven with joy
Let’s drink wine from freedom’s cup
If the hand of fate becomes our enemy
If the army of ignorance becomes our enemy
If the foe of wisdom is no stranger
we can no longer remain silent
Take the tongue from failure’s mouth and use it
Take the heart from nameless exile
Speak of unopened flowers
Speak the words sleeping in the heart
the chained prowess
the entombed joys
Now rises the sun of knowledge
Now God delivers happy news
Let’s stop darkness from rooting fear in the heart
Let’s step on the path of thanks

Aqrab 1380 / Winter 2001