Kazim Ali, Private Manning

Chelsea Manning’s leaked footage included a helicopter gun-
ship spraying an unarmed crowd with bullets after lying to their
dispatchers that they had seen a gang with AK-47’s.

Ovid sang, “Tell me Muse again how bodies change into other

A truck pulls up in front of the building to deliver vending
machines filled with sodas and canned juices. Painted on this

Meanwhile in the line at the post office I drink kombucha to
repopulate my guts with flora after a bad course of antibiotics
killed my insides.

In front of me a man hefts a box up to the counter with a box
that says LIVE BIRDS.

On the radio they are playing a record that is skipping. A
deep-voiced woman joyfully sings, “My life has just begun–
gun– gun–”

Gun. Gun. Gun Gun.