Mitchell Grabois, Vick

My Facebook friend
tells me I should hate Michael Vick
because he organized dog fights
and was cruel to them.

I reply: if anyone wants mercy
they better get it from God
because they’re not going to get it
from her. 

I thought she might unfriend me for saying that
(for typing it)
but she heartily approves
and is gratified that someone thinks she is
tougher than God.

So much testosterone churns through
these Facebook pages
in and out of computers
on the hum of tiny fans.

Is the molecular structure of testosterone
thus changed?

I like Michael Vick.
I like the way he scrambles out of the pocket.
I like the way he was given a second chance.

People who worship dogs should buy them caviar.
They should make them into surrogates
for the humans they could never dominate.

Michael Vick will find new hobbies
but he won’t tell us what they are.