New York fam, Join us tomorrow at the 14th Annual Trans Day of Action for Social and Economic Justice. A day to celebrate, commemorate, and continue fighting. Apogee Journal is a proud sponsor of TDOA and an advocate for the right to gender self-determination free from fear and socio-economic oppression. To participate, come to Christopher Street Pier, Pier 45 on Manhattan’s West Side, tomorrow, Friday, June 22, from 4-7pm. More details here: https://alp.org/events/TDOA2018

Don’t Pander to Your Presumed Reader: Jamel Brinkley in Conversation with Crystal Hana Kim

When I began Jamel Brinkley’s debut collection, A Lucky Man, I read slowly to draw out my time with his stories. I was astounded by the beauty and heartbreak in each scene, from teenaged Ty who wanders Brooklyn searching for an all-night revel with his younger brother in tow, to middle-aged Lincoln who has taken on the habit of surreptitiously photographing women on the train. At the same time, I felt an expansive quality to Jamel’s work; though it’s clear that he pays attention to each sentence, his characters don’t feel overly crafted or precious. These men are nuanced and complicated; they feel real.
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