Three Poems

Kinsey Cantrell


how to reject pathology as season:

without rejecting pathology as a whole? still appealing dissolution, body a serial / of malfunctioning parts. machine isn’t right either. i lapse clinical, two
laxatives, clutch thighs for context. river cleaves, i spindle, wracked with or by / the gray of the day clotting by or for. fall dulls, spring lingers / trace my
steps back / to the algae-infested pond / gurgling green of warning signs / punctuate the quotidian with cloud, make it / moodsetting, memory differs /
accordingly to / the bus stop in rain, shudder of lightning, place-based tachycardia / locate storm within body, it’s key / i
convert connotation, mood of my own / the rhythm of wanting, teeth grind in my sleep / i compare to / earthquake, equate / cortical spreading
depression / as tectonic plate, the drag of cast iron against burner grate / crackling itch, i’d crumble for less / envision myself / microcosm
of storm front, drifting along the abstraction of brain, pressurizing / everything / is equation research tool / after all (?) / the body leans into
established cyclicity / dehydrate, illustration / err disingenuous / start small become smaller, bitter reflection of uv rays, the static of iv bruised against

arm / all bends become breaks, if you wait long enough / if you try hard enough


how to interpret weather as pathologic:

if logic is order then i’ll be
immersed in it, disentangled
subject from ob-
ject: she says to me
weather isn’t season
but thunderstorms always
remind her of leaves, a
crumpled orange in my palm
stain on my fingers the more
that i think about it all
comparisons seem increasingly
violent is there
or should there be
no equation anymore? my
stomach turns, the earth
rotates i want to get off (?) (!)

lined as stream, waterline
as increasing, unpredictable
stinate or stagnate, striation
rate settles, an impasse. what
to make of flow, slosh and
bleed through my stomach,
selection of entrails does
abstraction necessitate meta-
phor? extricate the narrative
that i am that i can be
weightless, or otherwise
sensation. disease world or
disease me, i hive in the sun
chest open and bared as a set
of teeth the image breaks, i
lose it in the floodwater

ascending, or borne back –
or insect-borne pathogen:
or worse, unwitting carrier
contamination used to
illustrate misplacement, or
portray as vector: out
the sun singe my neck, all
stasizing static, understanding
weather in the context of
the body; the slope of my
sweat, a roiling bile
sour my skin, this extreme
weather as change, as towards
of pressure points weigh on
sinus, gray sky claustrophobic,
culminate as cycle, release

how much damage have i done
here up to this point?
unqualified drainage, or re-
emulsify like i
haphazard, obsess along
the notion of a sudden and
quiet breaking into parts:
tooth here, sclera there
all components without
composite the kind of rain
storm that could be missed
in the middle of the day
later: glance outside, wonder:
for just a second, why the
sidewalks blotch and muddle
the roadsides, landscapes,
sprayed down and scoped out


from ‘apocatharsis’

wait for abatement,
rebate, displacement.
to stay. untraced.

standing in transit wasteland i clog with guilt, the thrash of a hiccup while not getting enough
air. there are more reasons than one to mask in the subway now. as an accumulation of parts

per million i bounce sole to sole, tasked with remaining. upright.


a sisyphean insistence: i’m not ready i’m not ready i’m not ready i’m not ready i’m not ready i’m not ready i’m not ready i’m not

the murmur of radiator: unprecedented costs. so much teeth-clenching. energy resolved to maintenance. upright
and wronged i find recourse in support tickets, depict details by impact, run my fingers over all the loopholes

to deduce: the looming financial question, where to send my blood samples.


labs stratified by arbitrary metric, presence or absence detected, the way i hold my breath for each result, like answered application

untraced  i  face  off
an  awful  beginning.
a sprint to quotidian.

quotidian me, burden
of machine learning
of radioactive feat

put stock in, restock, off the clock there is a steady thrumming that haunts my temples, throbs surface
areas i’d forgotten about. nuzzled into the couch i court dream, forestall mending, the amendment, wrench

my arms back, legs back, each limb still. mine for the taking.


encased and bent on replacing. just in case. in the case of, is not the case, is case in point, is open and shut and rested case. i brace.