Two Poems

shelley feller


after the fall

after Hart Crane and Klaus Nomi

i put the anal back in bacchanal

i descend the tender foul
all false fruit & bitter butter

bunker hunk, i lubba lub u
hot like bone broth, jock rot

o, humanimal, i am
hostile to ur harp & altar

i wanna wrastle, “no homo”
wrastle-gracile, sussy

u duckwalk unto me

as i duckwalk unto u

♫ blundered onto love/ ding dong ♫

i vibe my own doting omen
rode that dormant organ down


contam what lordly animates

luminiferous aether     all lacrimal
avatar is i   ascending the apparatus

what cum-sad animus am odes on
organon organum hors d’oeuvres
enhancing anatomical pouch

smell me a lore, a lure, a bigbig portal glory be
yer true beef hideaway

/monsterbot got thotty-docile/

yond lunk, u glut vascular relict
masc fer   fey fer
florid in the average field

inebriate, untouchable

i am sloughing off   the softer land

aster ardor     aster ardor