(pluralized acronym for ‘that hoe ovah there’)
blkcowrie 🌺


us envied sonnets 🌷 tame the navel 🌷 run me worn 🌷 oh 🌷 gee 🌷 pop


disrobed belize jinn slurs 🌷 meet us bone even 🌷 lap cum solo sad as

voodoo lint

he encodes me scab valve 🌷 the analogy coding 🌷 ink 🌷 teal 🌷 lush 🌷 awe 🌷 suite

night meant 🌷 i tend anal edge trend 🌷 cheap navel waves 🌷 etch paws open

feces i kip


yet edited hoe gloom greeted courted giver when mecca hills rip


damsel i 🌷 aquaculture i 🌷 till enameled vents i won wearing venus nova

intimates i let bleed 🌷 etching sun:

  • tell heaven why, negros
  • tha red rave apt 🌷 gyve en
  • !


hoes tent vaned gazer 🌷 felt boom 🌷 e’en had duke dot tinkle sweet moon wet

evoke jerk parade 🌷 top-sell kiss beneath a traveled henna 🌷 abuzz neon ill shit

élan riot concuss ion fangs 🌷 feed violin joy 🌷 rent me bridge me 🌷 cloned tics i rut

rad poet harem we 🌷 lens toe turning 🌷 newest disco hit 🌷 sheen


i seance 🌷 let lit manes fro 🌷 unseal in uh wild tin 🌷 rev the zoo 🌷 splinter male chin

jam sped leg en vent unseen 🌷 eve cheers 🌷 joins languid burro opera


sea tall butch sat rotor 🌷 i warmed otter 🌷 tied canoe 🌷 wallow want intent

new tv dream babe shewn 🌷 ye token hoe footnote 🌷 gee 🌷 jig works 🌷 rears talk

jade smolders boob emcee evergreen 🌷 elm lint now 🌷 a wet khaki joke

(anagramic translation of Dean Bowen’s “trigger”
from their poetry collection, ‘Bokman’)