antmen pimentel mendoza


I wake into a dawn
when Ate can tell us about justice. When I slow
breath, I deduct all units,
detectives, and agents.
In the evenings, Ipardon
my ungodly selves. Hustisya
para kayganda,
death to empire.

an amerikano sits in fatigues

and clutches four coins close to the mother

of pearl, waits for head / hands aflame, vision

oxblooded until ganda’s stardust cheeks sink

true blue / a hero readymade

To (unfurl)into a goddessness
like a flag
big enough to mean nothing,
big enough to gown.

To (swell)into a silk, an older sister
through the filigreed gate that might surround
her family home.

To (fold)communion
wafer breakable.

To (feed)the village
with my hellish body.