Happy Valentine to Me

  Happy Valentine to Me Traci Jackson   Today, for some, is the day of romantic energy. For some it’s about being in love. For me, today is for reflection. So many people don’t have the privilege of being with the ones they love. Love is taking on a new meaning for me. Love is […]

Worry & Doubt

  Worry & Doubt Jesse Ayers   I worry sometimes about you and me I doubt that I will never be free I worry about all those boys and your smile I doubt I will be out for a while I worry about your relationship with him I doubt you’re alone at night to my […]

Two Poems by Yves Marc-Antoine Rosemond

  Two Poems Yves Marc-Antoine Rosemond   Hidden in Plain Sight Sometimes I follow Sometimes I lead But I don’t like following those that that can’t lead Most times I’m humble And a little too plain Until you turn me up Dissing my pain Think it’s arrogant of me Not giving a damn again Oh […]


Kevin Cooper, Taps, acrylic on canvas board. “This country is killing oppressed people in so many different ways, whether by police brutality, mass incarceration, lack of or poor health care, food deserts, preventable diseases, that angel is playing taps for all the oppressed lives lost around the country including ours here on death row.”

It’s a Generation Thing in America: Past, Present, Future?

Kevin Cooper, It’s a Generation Thing in America: Past, Present, Future?, acrylic on canvas board, 22” by 28.” “This piece is about the different generations of black men that have been in prison. Here in San Quentin, you have a father and a son and a grandson, all in prison at the same time. We […]


  Trapped Andrea Terry   Growing up, Mother changed before my eyes, her eyes so void inside, hereditary, soon to be mine (if not already). She’s carefree on days, so much different from the average… Abuse is a daily average in our home. All grown up, I’ve left home, substance is home, feeling alone, committed […]

Highs and Lows

  Highs and Lows A. Raheem Ballard   Highs and lows, ups and downs, sometimes I feel as low as an ant on the ground, Sometimes I’ll be laughing, just like a clown, and just like that my smile turns to a frown. These are the highs and the lows, the ups and the downs, […]

When Feeding the Birds is a Crime

  When Feeding the Birds is a Crime A. Raheem Ballard “And I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.” —Anne Frank   One of the deepest regrets I have as a prisoner is that, when I was free, I spent most of my adult life detached from the beauty of the natural […]

Providence Sees Me

  Providence Sees Me Kevin D. Sawyer   The gods and God strike and Once I tried to abandon the gaze of Providence Arrogant about my own misgivings I lashed out at their blows In tests of difficulty, I defied the executioner, the hangman and the judge and the police and the People You see, […]

Don’t Judge Me

  Don’t Judge Me Kunlyna Tauch   Pardon me Don’t be hard on me But a part of me does shit that’s counterproductive. I’ve been known to backstep occasionally & occasionally, I’m destructive Occasionally, I’m a role model Occasionally, I’m so hollow Occasionally, I don’t follow the rules So don’t judge me. I try to […]