“Promoting love in the wake of violence is a revolutionary act”: An Interview with Poet Evan Cutts

  Last week we featured three poems by Evan Cutts, a 23-year old poet from Boston who has a remarkable way of using language to, as he expresses, “re-claim and re-contextualize,” systems of power. In his four-part poem, “Grahamstown Sequence”, which is an account of the #QueerToStay “Take Back the Night” demonstration at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, South Africa, Cutts describes the experience of taking part in a demonstration to “disarm the night”—an act which ultimately takes place through protest in the form of human connectivity.  In our interview, we discussed language as protest, how to demonstrate more effectively, and allowing the space for magic to enter a text.  —Mina Seçkin, Web Editor