An Interview with SJ Sindu on her Debut Novel, Marriage of a Thousand Lies

  When I received an early copy of Marriage of a Thousand Lies (June 2017, Soho Press), I was immediately intrigued by the novel’s premise—Lucky is a queer Sri Lankan woman with a gay husband. In her marriage of convenience, her family doesn’t have to know about her sexual identity and she can date who she wants without judgment from her Tamil community. But what happens when Lucky must return home, and when she discovers her first lover, Nisha, is getting an arranged marriage? SJ Sindu’s debut novel, recently published by Soho Press, explores South Asian queer identity in America, the struggle between community acceptance and authenticity to self, and the boundaries of familial love. In our interview, I spoke to SJ Sindu about why she wrote this story, modern arranged marriages, the Sri Lankan War, and her writing journey.

Poetry by Jamal Michel

Jamal Michel’s two pieces are part of a larger collection he’s been working on. The title of the collection is “Black Jungle Rose,” and each piece is dedicated to a victim of police brutality or similar racially motivated crime.

An Interview with Wawa, Issue 09 Contributor

Wawa (also published as Lo Mei Wa) is a Hong Kong poet now based in the U.S. Her poem, “維多利亞港天台建國/Rooftop Nation of Victoria Harbour,” which appears in Apogee Journal’s Issue 09, comes at a profound time of global protest and resistance. In this interview, she shares her thoughts on the imagined reality of the poem, Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement, and the usefulness of language and feeling.

An interview with Emily Jungmin Yoon

Emily Jungmin Yoon delves into the history, politics, and linguistics of America and Korea in her stunning, complex poems. I admire her ability to weave narratives together, to move the reader so skillfully through space, time, and different cultures. Her poems ask to be read again and again, so that you can sift through the layered meanings in her words. I am thrilled that her poem, “On the Day of the Gyeongju Earthquake, September 12, 2016” will be published in Apogee Journal Issue 09. In our interview, we spoke about assuaging nostalgia through poetry, the writing process, and political consciousness in art.

Apogee Issue 09 Visual Arts Preview

Dear Apogee Fam, Leading up to the release of Apogee Issue 09 (next Thursday June 8th!!!) we want to treat you to an advanced preview of this issue’s visual art, curated by our visual arts editor, Legacy Russell. Here’s work by Elise R. Peterson, Clotilde Jiménez, Sadie Barnette, Tschabalala Self, Lawrence Lemaoana, and our cover artist Larry Achiampong.