Old Folks, by Bernard Grant

  Old Folks Bernard Grant   At Wal-Mart, while I wait for Mamma to put my new video games on layaway, an old lady with tennis balls on her walker sits next to me. She smells like cleaning soap. Hair sprouts from a mole on her cheek. And there’s more hair on her lip, and on her chin. That hair’s black like her, like us, but the hair on her head is white and short and stands up like a cartoon character that’s stuck a fork in the toaster. She’s fat, so every time she moves, her arm, stretched and wrinkled, touches mine. I move a seat over. I miss Granny. Kids at school say they have pretty grannies, but my granny was pretty for real, with big cheeks and big eyes that got bigger when she saw you. And she didn’t smell like anything but the grape candy in her purse. She liked purple. Purple dresses, purple makeup over her eyes, and she never scared me, never made me think about death. Not until she got sick—a stroke—and died. I know old people are supposed to die. Just not her.   — BERNARD GRANT is an MFA candidate at...
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Ladan Osman reads poetry (Apogee Issue 04)

Ladan Osman reads “That Which Scatters and Breaks Apart” and “Trouble”       Ladan Osman is the winner of the African Poetry Book Fund’s 2014 Sillerman First Book Prize for African Poets for her manuscript, The Kitchen-Dweller’s Testimony (University of Nebraska Press). She has received fellowships from the Fine Arts Work Center, Cave Canem Foundation, and the Michener Center for Writers. A 2012 Pushcart Prize nominee, her work has appeared or is forthcoming in American Life in Poetry, Broadsided, Narrative Magazine, Prairie Schooner, and Vinyl Poetry. She lives in Chicago.  

Issue 04 Is Here!

We are beyond thrilled to finally share Issue 04 of Apogee with the world! Apogee 04 is a fully interactive, free, online issue hosted on its own microsite. Issue 04 features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art by a diverse roster of writers and artists of color, international writers, LGBTQ writers, and a vibrant cross-section of voices intent on challenging the status quo. In the following weeks, we’ll also be sharing interviews and multimedia performances from Issue 04 contributors on Perigee, our blog. Follow our FaceBook Page, Twitter and Instagram feeds to stay up to date on these extras, and for all the latest news and events from us. Read, enjoy & share! ~AJ