in defense of art by Aimee Herman

By Aimee Herman replace body with round of applause slap deportation of immunized bones draw map of grade nine depression sloppy kiss cartographer for compass brand benefactors & advertisements into forearms non–narrate the spaces of gender utilize humor when categorizing medicinal habits call framework pre–Reconstruction index teeth as artifacts due to lack of care belly is a sanctuary of bent laws how paradoxical is this panic what border are your shoulders crossing hybrid outcasts called lips territories or terrorists problematize the concept of veins mixed–media thighs decolonize wounds what is the occupation of this anatomy invent inventory for what is missing does this morning breath perplex what is the chosen medium can this blood be a contribution gift pulsate sweat into curved signature [it may be possible to] alienate audience enforce live ritual of dramatized history curators will fill in gaps of forced memory record visceral reaction onto comment cards photograph face interrupting art exercise risk through prohibited camera flash embody theory of missed communications or anthropologized dysfunction

Poems by Patrick Rosal

by Patrick Rosal The Halo-Halo Men: An Anthem We are the halo-halo men the mix-mix men the fresh-cut- mango-in-your-mouth men The men who pee-pee in your Coke The joke that yokes the beasts of vinyl and diamond men The bit-of-salt-to-cut-the-ice men The wineskins-without-wine blunt-hilt-of-the-bolo-to-your-head men We are the how-how men the carabao men back-to-ten men Pen-pen men de sarapen de-kutsilyo men de-alamasen The when men Come-again men The middle man and omega men You build fences for we might steal your hen men Kimat and Pang-or men First to suicide in the cypher men We use our inside voices for an outside fight men say three Hail Mary’s and whisper Hallelujah flip the new testament like we do judo men vodou men raw blood and garlic men kilawen men I say ag-yaman ak you say A-   Kundiman: Hung Justice Love, a child dreamt hard of bread and got history instead. Someone dreamt of maggots jeweled in meat and brought out blades in the name of good science, ardor. But who’ll list kinships in English between slaughter and laughter? Who’ll recruit heaven’s splendid refuse, junk, our silent brigades of busted blue-black horns, swordless squadrons, the hum and ruckus of strung-up...
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Poems by JD Scott

by JD Scott Validator [There is going to be a suit you will wear while you read this poem. Please make sure you say your own name aloud at each instance you put on this suit. This it vital. Saying your own name is a prerequisite for feeling validated. Please log into AOL at this time.] WELCOME: in this artificial garden of regressed desire which bird of paradise will come to life and squawk? [HAHAHA] First comment! Such mouthiness! ENTER Spam Paradiso, mâché’d with the debris of language! Which herby tincture will gift the youth? Like totally “alkali earth metal” BBQ rib plunged into Eve not Adam&Steve / Such verbosity! / Sugary XXX / “A pseudo-intellectual twattiness for the 100% f’real patriot” / Which pixel of neon will pop as apple pie, fragma firework, which binary string will verify me? / Upload me / Check my code against yours / Youz youz youz / so 1% / so #1 / so 1.0 / so ephebophile and “50 States Baby Diary Lover” / Legs kicking in the air all BDSM slave:master ratio / handcuffs & super kawaii police brutality & haute couture death penalty / The millionvoice says, “Validate me.” /...
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